Chicken Feed Available In Canyon Lake

Chicken feed, chicken supplies, and chicken supplements are at the Canyon Lake store. You can find a whole aisle full of chicken feed at the store. For instance, the store has Texas Natural Feeds, Happy Hen, and Manna Pro. This aisle also includes plastic chicken feeders, plastic waterers, galvanized feeders, and galvanized waterers in several shapes and sizes. Plus, we carry medicine and supplements for chicks and chickens. Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to produce your own farm-fresh eggs. Our team is also happy to lend you some expert advice on raising chicks to become chickens. With our team's poultry raising experience,  you can become a successful hen farmer. The store has supplies to build your coop too. We want to make sure your chickens are safe and protected from the outdoor elements and animals. Lastly, we do carry Heat Lamps and bulbs to keep your chickens warm all winter long.

Chicken Feed and Chicken Products Aisle

Chicken Feed and Chicken Treats

Chicken feed and chicken treats are also in stock at the store in Canyon Lake. We have an aisle full of feed for chickens, as mentioned above. At our store, you can buy chicken feed from local Texas brands or national brands. You will also have the opportunity to select organic or regular chicken feed. Are you looking for a specific type of food for your chickens? If so, we carry grains, scratch, pellets, cracked corn, grit, oyster shell, and crumbles. All of these food options come in small, medium, and large size bags. 

Chicken treats is the term used by one of our popular vendors Happy Hen. Your chickens will love to eat these treats packed with mealworms, corn, fly larvae, and other ingredients. We also carry their product called Vita-Hen, which has vitamins and electrolytes for chickens.

If you have any questions about what to feed your chickens, please ask our team. They have personal experience raising chickens.

Baby Chick Feed

Baby chick feed is another product that we have a wide variety of in stock. For baby chicks, you can find scratch feed and crumbles made to ensure your chicks reach adulthood. These products are from local vendors in Texas and national brands. These brands have made it possible for our store to carry organic chick feed and regular chick feed. You can even find chick food that is medicated and non-medicated at the feed store. If you need some advice on how to raise your baby chicks, our team is happy to help. The employees at our store have been raising baby chicks for a long time and can help you. 

To read about our team's advice on raising baby chicks, click here to see our blog post.