Feed Store In Canyon Lake, Texas

Feed is something that we take seriously because it's in our name. At the store, you can look through a diverse selection of animal feed. Plus, you can find Alfalfa Hay and Coastal Hay at the store! Also, we have a whole aisle dedicated to horses, chickens, and supplements for your animals. Most importantly, you will find products specifically for Mini Horse, Horse, Cattle, Lamb, Goat, Llama, Alpaca, Mini Pig, Pig, Pond Fish, Rabbit, Guinea pig, Hamster, Ferret, Chickens, Deer, Ducks, Game Bird, and Sheep. If we don't have a specific feed product, then we are happy to try and make a special order for you. We also carry organic feed for people who prefer it.

Local Feed Companies In-Stock

At King Feed, we try and carry local feed and feed from the great state of Texas. Currently, we carry Free Wing Farms, H & H, Producers Coop, and 5-E Ranch Products.

Chicken feed, chicken supplies, and baby chicks are at the Canyon Lake store. You can find a whole aisle full of chicken feed at the store. For instance, the store has Texas Natural Feeds, Happy Hen, and Manna Pro. This aisle also includes plastic chicken feeders, plastic chicken waterers, galvanized chicken feeders, and galvanized chicken waterers in several shapes and sizes. Plus, we carry medicine and supplements for chicks and chickens. Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to produce your own farm-fresh eggs. Our team is also happy to lend you some expert advice on raising chicks to become chickens. With our team's chicken raising experience,  you can become a successful chicken farmer.

Feed Products Available