New Plants In The Nursery and Garden Section July 1st

The nursery and garden section just got a new delivery of plants in this week! This selection of plants includes trees, ferns, and beautiful flowers to brighten your home or garden. Now available at the store are Asparagus fern, Bat-faced cuphea, Crape myrtle, Esperanza, Foxtail fern, Pride of Barbados, and Vitex in the nursery and garden section. Our customers always have so many questions about the plants they buy or want to buy. Hopefully, we will give you a good idea of what each plant will look like once fully grown.

Ferns and Flowers Now Available

The Asparagus fern is a popular plant that people love to put in hanging baskets. The plant leaves look very similar to asparagus heads, hence the name. It's the perfect plant for summer because that's when it blooms little white flowers. The Foxtail Fern is another plant that got its name from how similar it looks to a foxtail. These ferns look very similar, but the foxtail stands straight up, and the asparagus fern droops down.

The Bat-faced cuphea is also a plant that got its name from looking similar to a bat's face. The flowers from the plants feature deep purple and bright red colors come from full sunlight. Plus, hummingbirds and butterflies love to visit these beautiful flowers. Esperanza is another plant that produces stunning yellow flowers. These flowers attract bees and bloom in spring, summer, and fall. Lastly is the Pride of Barbados or Peacock Flower, which produces beautiful orange, red, and a little bit of gold coloring.

Trees That You Can Now Buy

The Crape myrtle is a tree that will spoil you with colors all year. This tree loves the sun, which makes it a perfect Texas flower tree. The Vitex tree also enjoys full sun, produces lavender flowers, and is heat tolerant. Both of these trees can be easy to grow in Texas.

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